How to start a fundraiser cruise?

The process is quite easy. We will help you choose the ship, sailing date, itinerary, and cabin inventory. We’ll even place the initial deposit and create a free booking website for you. We can also design print media and social marketing images if desired. We handle all of the reservations and booking details for your cruise, leaving you time to focus on marketing! You just promote the cruise to your members, their families and friends, and your community on your special cruise date. As a result of their participation on your designated fundraising cruise, a portion of their cruise fare will be donated back to the organization.
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Non-profit organizations, be it charities, churches, schools, or any entity with a 501c3, can harness the power of wanderlust to reach their financial goals

A Benefit cruise is not just an innovative means to earn money for your organization but also an extraordinary vacation opportunity for its participants supporting an honorable cause. Undeniably, arranging a Benefit cruise demands lesser time commitment as compared to traditional fundraisers, as we streamline all the intricate aspects such as reservations, client communication, payment processing, and more. Synonymous with boosting recognition for your organization or cause, our Benefit cruises can be tailor-made to align seamlessly with your group’s preferences and specifications, marrying philanthropy and pleasure in an unmatched cruise experience..

Why a cruise?
Immerse into an unmatched voyage with our comprehensive cruise vacations that are far from ordinary, as you journey through deep-blue sea lanes towards stunning global destinations. We're not merely greenhorns peddling a tired routine - our satisfaction rate boasts of a dominant 85% with recurring customers championing our cause within a brisk year. Hence, seize the unrivaled privilege of marrying leisure to philanthropy with our cruise fundraiser program. It's abloom with the promise of a gratifying experience while effecting tangible change through your chosen organization or cause. You see, the gateway to a fulfilling vacation and impactful contribution is just a cruise away. Sail the heartening narrative of a traveler with a purpose, participating in our cruise fundraiser today.

Unleash the excitement of discovering a world of unforgettable experiences with today's cruise ships – touted as floating cities, they’re packed chock-full with dining and entertainment options, nearly all wrapped into the attractive package of inclusive pricing. As travel agents, we authentically tailor exhilarating group activities, designed to infuse togetherness amongst your crew. From exquisite group dining experiences, effervescent cocktail parties in breathtaking venues, practical meeting spaces, to lively shore excursions, we curate a unique itinerary that is as diverse as your group's interests. Delve into a myriad of onboard activities – be it pulse-racing sports, tranquil spas, or engaging workshops, ensuring every moment at sea is a memorable adventure. Trust us, to create meaningful and memorable travel experiences that your group won't forget in a hurry.

Elevate your fundraising efforts into an unforgettable experience with a cruise! These annual events are not just about raising vital funds for your nonprofit organization, but also fostering unity among your cherished supporters, intensifying awareness of your noble cause, and cultivating steadfast loyalty towards your organization. An enjoyable and successful fundraiser cruise can quickly become a tradition not to be missed. Year after year, your supporters won't only eagerly anticipate this annual cruise event, they'll be sure to bring friends and family along for the adventure, further spreading awareness and continually increasing your organization's funding pot. Embark on a journey that crafts unity, awareness, and loyalty through a growing tradition of inspiring travel experiences..

What is the potential income one can generate?
Most major cruise lines have a fundraising program in which they donate funds based on the number of rooms that sail and the length of the cruise. Carnival, for example, will donate $8 per cabin, per day. Here are some examples using Carnival's fundraising program: The more cabins sold the more donation is given

4 day cruise - group sells 50 cabins, Carnival donates $32 per cabin = $1600
5 day cruise - group sells 50 cabins, Carnival donates $40 per cabin = $2000
7 day cruise - group sells 50 cabins, Carnival donates $56 per cabin = $2800

As another bonus, cruise lines offer one free berth credit (tour conductor credit, TC ) for every 8 to 12 staterooms booked depending on cruise line . This credit can be used to allow a group organizer, guest speaker, or honored guest to sail free or at a reduced cost. The credit could also be added to funds raised if desired. Private cocktail parties, conferences, etc. can be arranged for your group as well.

To add to your fundraising event sell raffle tickets for a free cabin. For example, 1000 tickets could be sold for $5 each, raising an additional $5000 for your cause. Most people would find a 1 in 1000 of winning chance too tempting to pass. Alternately, you could sell 500 tickets for $10 each, increasing the odds. This also allows individuals who can't join you on the cruise to still contribute to your cause.

4-Day Cruise (Group sells 50 cabins)                                                                                                                                                                         
 Cruise line donates $32 per cabin (4 day x $8/day) for $1,600
6 Tour Conductor fares earned at average cruise fare $375 (6 cruise fares x $375) for donation of $2,250
 Total funds raised $3,850

5-Day Cruise (Group sells 50 cabins)
Cruise line donates $40 per cabin (5 day x $8/day) for $2,000
6 Tour Conductor fares earned at average cabin cruise fare $450 (6 cruise fares x $450) for $2,700
 Total funds raised $4,700

7-Day Cruise (Group sells 100 cabins)
Cruise line donates $56 per cabin (7 day x $8/day) $2,800
6 Tour Conductor fares earned at average cabin cruise fare $700 (6 cruise fares x $700) for $4,200.
 Total funds raised $7,000

Who can host a fundraising cruise?
Any nonprofit with a 501c3 certification is eligible! From Churches to Sport Clubs.

What is your role?
As the gatekeepers of this event, your group's equally crucial role is to ignite the spark of anticipation by efficiently spreading the word. Utilize your customary public relations channels - newsletters, email broadcasts or your engaging website. We are here to aid and amplify your efforts. Our service includes a customized website laden with all the enticing details of the cruise conveniently equipped with online booking capabilities. We also create an exclusive Facebook page where your ardent supporters can interact directly with us and each other, thereby feeding the burgeoning excitement. And that's not all! If desired, we offer expertly designed print media and eye-catching social marketing images. Relax, while we deftly handle all the intricate reservations and meticulous booking details of your cruise - affording you the freedom to celebrate the excitement and focus on impassioned marketing."

When do you receive your funds?
The contribution check made out to your nonprofit organization will be mailed to you after the sailing, typically 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the cruise line accounting department. Proof of a 501(c) or other nonprofit tax status is required to qualify.

When should you begin?
It's best to begin as far in advance as possible to secure the lowest cruise rates, allow news of your cruise to reach your audience, and allow participants to make payments toward their cruise. Typically 9-12 months in advance is a good time frame to begin marketing your group.

Let's go!
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This is what we will do in addition.

Enthusiastic, Encouraging In the spirit of combined purpose, let me help you embark on a unique journey that combines your love for cruising with giving back to the community. As a former member of a nonprofit organization, I understand the challenges faced in fundraising, which is why this opportunity is designed just for you. Imagine cruising out of the vibrant city of NY, mitigating the expenses of airfare and hotels, while simultaneously supporting a worthy cause. I am proud to commit 20% of my commission, approximately an enticing $40.00 per cabin (with potential to exceed $400.00 for 10 cabins!), back to your organization. Let's navigate this exhilarating process together, a fundraising strategy that's as easy as it is rewarding. Reach out at for more details, and remember to share this great opportunity with your board members, because we all believe cruising for a purpose is the next wave in fundraising!